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Passion fruit Project

It is in the realization of this “unlimited capability” that God has given to everything in Nature that God wants to nurture and develop.

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Constant Divine Indwelling

A Lord’s Leaven Missionary lives only for God and lives always in constant awareness and adoration of the presence of the Triune God within the Sanctuary of the soul.

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A Constant Search


–Sis. Praxedes (Babie) Embalzado

God our Father created everything in this beautiful earth with all His love and He is happy with every detail of His wonderful creation after He made it. He made us human lastly to become a steward to all of His creation and gave us power to become a CO-CREATOR with Him. As we grow, in body, mind and spirit, we also achieve many things and possessions on this earth and everything we possess and achieve in our life makes us happy too, like God. But this kind of happiness is only temporary, after a while upon achieving it, we find another means or source of happiness for us to feed our longings for something, we want more and more. This is because our desire for achieving everything in this world is endless if we always look outside of us not within us. We always become not content with whatever we have in the present moment. Why? What is the reason for this constant searching of everything that can make us happy?

I understand it lately, through meditation and contemplation of the WORD OF GOD in the Bible and by listening to Homilies that everything in this world is not ours, it is owned by God, the maker of all things visible and invisible in this earth and the whole universe. We are only steward to all of these for how many years of our existence here on earth as God designed us according to His plan. If we continue to believe that whatever material possessions we acquire here on earth is for ourselves alone and for our family only , we never ever become content along the way. Our Father in heaven designed all of these things for all of us His beloved children. If we constantly have faith that God is in us and see Him in the heart of every person we meet in our life journey, I think we probably share everything that we have and help everyone who are in need because we see each other already as children of our loving God.

In my own experience and in my own little way, I’m trying to train myself before, to be content enough with whatever I have that is enough for me, since my lifestyle is so simple and I condition myself: “why do I need to acquire many things on this earth? when the moment I die I cannot bring nothing.” It means that I am selfish, achieving something for the purpose of my own sake alone. But the real reason is because I am afraid to become more arrogant and boastful when I have more like what I observed in the people of my surroundings. But along the way, when I understand that God has made everything in this world for us to nurture, enjoy and share with others, it created me another view of achieving many graces on this earth since He gave me more gifts, I used this not for me alone but for the sake of others to share and enjoy.


PRAYER: Father God, thank you very much for everything that you have made for me and for all of us, everything that my eyes can see, they are so beautiful and everything that my hands can hold they are so precious. Please help me keep all these things within my heart so that I will treasure them always wherever I go. By then, every end of my day my heart and soul are rejoicing in your goodness and glorifying your name while I continue living on this wonderful earth. Kindly guide me always by your Holy Spirit to make more things beautiful and useful not for me alone but for the benefits of everybody who love you through loving our brothers and sisters too. Amen.

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