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(Prayer Life of Union with God)

Nature of Priestly Function

LLMS Constitutuion, Chapter 3, Articale 2, Section 2:B

The function of a priest is to be a “bridge, mediator or link” between God and creation and between creation and God. The life of Our Lord Jesus as Priest is a constant, total and unceasing Offering and consecration of Himself to do the Plan of the Father, to bring God’s glory to Creation and Creation to God for His glory.

The Priestly Function deals with man’s prayer life and the use and development of spiritual values that enhance one’s personal and communal relation with God through activities of worship, liturgy and prayer.

 The priestly function life of a follower of Christ is characterized by a constant conscious worship of the Presence of God-within and an unceasing childlike surrender to Him through Jesus and Mother Mary in union with the Holy Spirit.

The priestly function life of a Lord’s Leaven is also an unceasing liturgy and worship of God. He does not stop being with Him in spirit within one’s soul. As Jesus was always present to the Father so a Lord’s Leaven, participating in the priestly function of Christ, is characterized by an un-ceasing conscious awareness and worship of the Most Holy Trinity present within the soul. Like a little child a Lord’s Leaven never for a moment stops thinking of God in every activity he makes, knowing that

“In Him we live, move and have our being.” (Acts 17:28)

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (1 Cor 10:31)

 “Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thes 5:17)

Prayer without ceasing is not limited to vocal prayer but the habit of the Prayer of Quiet. It is the Prayer of Awareness and Union with Jesus in our bosom without words. It is the heart of Divine Indwelling Contemplation.

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