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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need to respond to the Invitation and submit the intent form?
Lord’s Leaven Mission Society is Canonically certified by the Catholic Bishop.  The certification is renewed and blessed in June 1, 2019 and is permitted until June 2, 2022.  By God’s grace the renewal will continue. The intent form is for an individual who proclaims their willingness to undergo the process according to the constitution of the Society.  As a person sent the intent form, then the missionaries within the society now then can proceed to create a file for the new aspirant and follow them up to help them in the process.

2. Why do I need to write down my meditation even though I listen to the Walk Throughs?

The first concern of the Bishop is to see who are really committed to the Lord’s Leaven Mission according to the Constitution and the directive of the Bishop. He wants that all who want to join the mission of Lord’s Leaven should undergo formation based on the Constitution as approved by the Church. He would like to commission everyone who may graduate in time in the lessons of the Constitution.

3. I do not have time to write down my meditation but I am willing to go deeper in my spirituality within Lord’s Leaven Mission Society, what should I do?

The basic process of the Lord’s Leaven Mission Society is to realize the presence of God within the heart.  This can’t be done if a person makes busyness as an excuse that even a minute can’t reflect the presence of God within their heart. To write down the meditation has no rules in terms of time, as long as the heart of a person is willing.  The written meditation is to help the person’s mind to focus on the present moment and to hear the word of God within.

4. I do not know what to write down and it seems a repetition, what should I do?

First, practice to quiet down your mind and listen to your breathing.  Meditate on the presence of God within yourself.  Make it a habit and pray… “Lord, I know the you are in Me, not because I understand, but simply You say, so.” Come to think of this, have you ever write a card to your love one or any form of letter? Where is the thought coming from? Is it in your mind? Is it in your heart? Or both? Writing your meditation is your love letter to Jesus who resides in your heart.

5. What are the Lessons should I take to finish the process?


There is no finishing in the process because when the time a person gets to know how to unify itself to God within the soul, they experience the endless graces of God.  The Walk Through within the team and sharing of the written meditation are means of helping the person to live the Christian way of life in union with God.  We live in the world that causes our body to get tired physically, mentally, and sometimes spiritually.  The Walk Through and the sharing of the written meditation within the cenacle team is like a fuel to keep the machine going.

These are the lessons to be taken for new aspirants.

  1. Lesson 6 – Divine Indwelling: Key to God’s Wisdom and Knowledge

  2. Lesson Set 1 – 4: Introduction to Lord’s Leaven Mission Society Constitution

  3. Lesson 14: Tithing Law

  4. Lesson 15: Obedience to Support the Work of God

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