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Following the Mind and Footsteps of Christ

The word LORD’S reminds us of our primary purpose on earth, that of being one with the Most Holy Trinity whose dwelling place we have been baptized and are called to be.

“The first purpose of the Church is to be the sacrament of the inner union of men with God… because men’s communion with one another and the unity of the human race is rooted in that union with God.” (Catechism #775)

 “The ultimate end of the whole divine economy is the entry of God’s creatures into the perfect unity of the Blessed Trinity. But even now we are called to be a dwelling for the Most Holy Trinity.” (Catechism #260)

This Divine Indwelling of the Most Blessed Trinity, the Triune God, who dwells in the heart of everyone baptized is the foundation and key to “all the treasures of God’s wisdom and knowledge.” (Jn 14-17; Col 1:27 / 2:2-3) It is the focal point and foundation of Lord’s Leaven Spirituality.

Hence the effort of every Lord’s Leaven is to form the habit of conscious union and to live with the Triune God within oneself and to recognize this Presence in others. And the recognition of the reflection of God’s Presence in everything that God has made is most essential in living Lord’s Leaven Spirituality.

Union with the Triune God in His Divine Indwelling presence in spirit within the soul is the Source Motivation of the life of a Lord’s Leaven. The recognition of God’s Presence and our Union with Him in our soul and in the soul of others is the very heart of the life of a Lord’s Leaven, a life of Divine Love. Love of God dwelling in the heart of each one and reflected in everything that God has made is the ultimate condition that God has given us for our sanctification (1 Cor 13:1-13).

To follow Christ a Lord’s Leaven should live not according to the values of the world.

Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world…But now my kingdom is from another place.” —John 18:36

A Lord’s Leaven strives to live the way Christ lived, immersed in the life of Christ, steeped in His wisdom and imbued with His values. He/she needs to renew their minds and hearts according to the mind and heart of Christ, seeing in all peoples God’s image and likeness, and seeing in all baptized Christians their being living spiritual temples of the Living God on earth. They must love Christ in everyone especially the poor and needy as Christ did, serving others selflessly as Christ did. As Leaven of the Lord he/she is not only a disciple of the Lord but they must teach the ways of the Lord to others. They can only do this if they are like Christ in mind and heart.  

To strive in living the way of Christ must be rooted in awareness of the presence of God within.  In this way, a Lord’s Leaven grows in union with God.


In order to grow in union with God, a Lord’s Leaven cultivates a contemplative spirituality in silence and in constant conscious surrender into the Presence of God within oneself. A Lord’s Leaven must consider that one is a vessel of clay which contains a Treasure within which the Universe itself cannot contain. One must be careful in taking care of this vessel, for it can fall and break at any time. But though this vessel may be broken and shattered a million, million times, a Leaven must humble himself constantly, pick up the shattered pieces one by one, and with deep silent and humble love beg and allow the Lord to bring back the pieces together – even until the day one departs from this world. Broken and shattered this vessel may be, the Lord can still make use of him as a beautiful piece of broken art in the great garden of His love.

A Lord’s Leaven sees things, persons and events in the light of God’s goodness, providence, generosity and love. Such a contemplative attitude cannot be attained without regular immersion in the living presence of the Lord within the soul. Silent meditative awareness and dialogue with the Lord enable a Lord’s Leaven to know with the mind of Christ while recognizing all the time one’s unworthiness before His Presence.


Lord’s Leaven spirituality is Eucharistic. Eucharistic Communion renews the Lord’s Divine Indwelling in the soul. A Lord’s Leaven strives to receive the Eucharist as often as he is able to within his state of life as a layperson in the world. He also must take time in silent contemplation before the Blessed Sacrament at the feet of the Lord in humble adoration, just as Mary did, “keeping all these things in her heart,” or as Mary the sister of Martha did, simply looking at the Lord.


Lord’s Leaven spirituality is Marian. The Blessed Virgin Mary has a special place in the hearts of those who are united with her Son. She is the Mother of every Lord’s Leaven missionary. She is the Model of total dedication, self-emptiness, self-nothingness and sacrifice that a Lord’s Leaven is required to have. A Lord’s Leaven, like Mary, listens to the Word of God, ponders it in his heart, and puts it into practice. He walks in faith as Mary did, and by faith brings forth and edifies God’s people into a community of disciples. He must be proficient in the understanding of the Mysteries in the life of Mother Mary (Mariology); for these mysteries are the milestones of one’s journey of faith with God.

As Our Lord Jesus was formed in the womb of Mary so also would a Lord’s Leaven be formed in a Marian Cenacle following the Courses and Lessons of the Pastoral Management Institute (PMI) in order to organize and live the Paschal Mysteries of the life of Christ through the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC). This is done by forming 5 families Joyful, 5 families Luminous, 5 families Sorrowful and 5 families Glorious, to a total of twenty (20) families in one BEC.


Lord’s Leaven Spirituality is imbued with the passages of Bible Revelation. Motivated by the experiences and realization of the truths revealed in Scriptures, a Lord’s Leaven strives to study, meditate on and live the Word of God and to share the same to others that they also may experience and in turn share the truths of what Jesus our Lord gave to mankind through His Word.


Lord’s Leaven spirituality is charismatic and ministerial. A Lord’s Leaven lives and grows in holiness through the faithful application of his charism in spirituality and temporality according to the functions of Christ as Steward, Priest, Prophet and King. It is through his/her ministry that he/she exercises and grows in pastoral work.

A Lord’s Leaven puts himself/herself at the service of total human development of the people they serve in spirit, soul and body. They need an attentive, compassionate, generous and responsive heart which impels them to be in solidarity especially with those who are in need.

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