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Basic Concept, Principles and Norms


Chapter 1.  Name and Vocation of the Society

Article 1. Nature of the Mission Society

Section 1: Name of Society    

Section 2: Reason for Existence

Section 3: Juridical Personality

Section 4: Trained LLMS Lay Missionaries  

Article 2: Objectives and Goals

Section 1: General Principle

Section 2: Specific Principle

Section 3: Need for Authentic Spirituality for the Laity

Chapter 2: Family in Lord’s Leaven


Article 1: Concept of Family in Lord’s Leaven

Section 1: What Family is to Lord’s Leaven

Article 2: Levels of Families in Lord’s Leaven

Section 1: Family in the Eternal Trinitarian Unity in God

Section 2:  Creation, sacrament Blossoming Forth of the Concept of Family

Section 3:  Man, sacrament of the Concept of Family in God

Section 4:  The Baptized as a Spiritual Family Within Oneself

Section 5:  Biological Family: Father, Mother, Child

Section 6:  Extended Family

Section 7:  Lord’s Leaven Mission Family

Section 8:  BEC-Cenacle Family

Section 9:  Parish Family

Section 10: Diocesan Family

Section 11: Global Catholic Family

Section 12: The Whole Human Family

Article 3: Family Atmosphere

Chapter 3: Concept and Meaning of Lord’s Leaven Mission Spirituality and Way of Life

Article 1: Purpose of the Church

Section 1. Primary purpose of man and the Church on earth

Section 2: The Key of Divine Indwelling

Article 2: Role and Spirituality of Lord’s Leaven Mission

Section 1: Role of a Lord’s Leaven

Section 2: Lord’s Leaven: a Way of Life

Section 3: Scriptural Basis

Section 4:  Acronym of LORD’S

Section 5:  The Most Holy Trinity, Our Life

Article 3: Jesus our Model in living Lord’s Leaven Spirituality

Section 1:  Jesus Our Life

Section 2:  Jesus Our Way

  1. a) Stewardship Function (Pastoral Management)

  2. b) Priestly Function (Prayer Life of Union with God)

  3. c) Prophetic Function (Teaching and Formation Life)

  4. d) Kingly Function (Mutual Services Life)

Section 3:  Jesus Our Goal

Section 4:  Significance of LEAVEN

Chapter 4: Basic Pastoral Principles of Lord’s Leaven Mission

Article 1: Common Sense Principles

Section 1:  Conceptual Framework of Pastoral Integration

Section 2:  Mission Direction: To realize the Plan of God

Section 3:  Mission Vision: Pastoral Integration of All Things in Christ

  1. a) Pastoral Integration

  2. b) Process of Integration and the Functions of Christ

  3. c) The Key to Pastoral Integration

            Unity in the uniformity of faith

            Unity in the Diversity of Charisms

Section 4:  Motivation: Divine Indwelling

  1. a) Root Motivation of a Lord’s Leaven: Divine Indwelling

  2. b) Levels of God’s Presence

  3. Baptismal Presence: Divine Indwelling

  4. Real Presence

  5. Substantial Presence

  6. Immanent Presence of God in every piece of creation

  7. Liturgical Presence

  8. Communitarian Presence

  9. Scriptural Presence

  10. Providential Presence

  11. Omnipresence and Immanence of God

Section 5:  Process of Integration: Stewardship of the functions of Christ

                  towards building the Basic Ecclesial community (BEC)


Article 2: Day to Day Applied Principles

Section 1:  General Outline

Section 2:  Constant JE-DI Contemplation Exercise

Section 3:  Regular Walk Through Meditation

   Step 1: Walk Through One on One with God

   Step 2: Walk Through Sharing with a Team

   Step 3: Walk Through Outreach with a Basic Ecclesial Community in a parish.

Section 4:  Back to DI at the instance of every negative thought or situation

Section 5:  Help others to live the same Day-to-Day Applied Principles

Article 3: Fundamental Attitudinal Principles

Section 1:   Faith

Section 2:   Humility

Section 3:   Obedience

Section 4:   Detachment and Poverty

Section 5:   Prudence


Chapter 5: Mission Characteristics


Article 1: Following the mind and footsteps of Christ

Section 1: Contemplative

Section 2: Eucharistic

Section 3: Marian

Section 4: Scriptural and Evangelical

Section 5: Charismatic and Ministerial

Section 6: Missionary

Section 7: Ecclesial and Collegial

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