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Missionary work is useless if one does not love and  is not loved. –St. Joseph Freinademetz

How to Join the Mission

1) Submit Invitation/Intent Form (click to download Intent Form here)

2) Cenacle Walk Through Team

I: Written Personal Meditation of the Lord’s Leaven Mission Constitution

    Every member who wants to join Lord’s Leaven Mission should write one’s meditation on the path of

    perfection through the Constitution.


Two Journals for this Meditation:

a) Personal Journal:  

A sort of autobiography. The point in making this journal is to see how the
Providence and Love of God works in the experiences of your life.

b) Lesson Journal: 

This is the steady study on the lessons of a Course in the PMI (Pastoral Management Institute)
to deepen oneself in the Course and the Lesson meditated on

 II: Submission of Written Meditation

The written meditation must be submitted through email to the Global Shepherd, the National Mission Guardian, the Parish Priest/Spiritual Director and one’s Facilitator.

As soon as you finish writing your personal reflection and meditation on two or three questions send them to immediately.

III: Verbal Meditation

This is the sharing of the team of their experiences of the Indwelling from the written meditation to let the Wisdom and Knowledge of God be revealed in words in each participants in the team.

3) Cenacle Team

An Aspirant must join a Cenacle Team of not more than 5 committed members.

They schedule a weekly Cenacle Prayer and a daily Walk through sharing.

The Weekly Cenacle follows the format:

                   – Rosary

                   – DI Silent Contemplation

                   – Consecration

                   – Gospel Reading

                   – Message of Blessed Mother (from Blue Book)

                   – Walk Through on Constitution

                   – Closing Prayers, Blessing

                   – Fellowship

4) The Fruit: Reach Out to form Cenacle Teams

All Family Cenacle Members who attend regularly the Weekly Family Cenacle and will have submitted the requirements and will have organized the CRES Program among the youth and the children of the Family Cenacle Team will be liturgically commissioned by the Spiritual Father or by the Parish Priest as Associate Member of the Lord’s Leaven Mission Society.

 5) Habit of Divine Indwelling Contemplation

Every member who wants to join Lord’s Leaven Mission should form the habit of a conscious awareness of Divine Indwelling Contemplation in silence

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