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Missionary work is useless if one does not love and  is not loved. –St. Joseph Freinademetz

The Lord’s Leaven Mission Society has two types of Memberships:

  1.  Associate Member

  2. Regular Member


The Regular Members have three Mission Stages of Commitment:

  1. Mission Aspirant

  2. Mission Facilitator

  3. Commissioned Missionary




Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism and Confirmation

In God’s eternal design (Eph 1:4), every human being is called by God to be a leaven and an Associate in the mission of the Lord Jesus. However, the degree and level of human response and cooperation in God’s design in this basic vocation determine the kind of involvement that one receives from God as a member of the Mission Society.

Every human being, Christian or not, have been intended by God from all eternity to be “leaven” of the Lord. The “breath of life” given to man in Creation or to every man at the moment of conception is God’s own “breath of life.”

But Satan blocked man from understanding this fundamental truth that our life is not our own but God’s. And the world through secular education has continued to make us believe that the earth is ours and God stays in heaven just waiting for us to cry to him when we are in pain here on earth. We have not listened to God’s word that


“Nothing is made outside of the Word of God.” (Genesis 1:3)

“God breathed His own ‘breath of life’ to the clay that he formed into man and man became a living soul.” (Genesis 2:7)

“In God we live, in God we move and in God we have our being.” (Act 17:28)

But God (our Father)

“so loved that world that He gave His only Son so that those who believe in Him and are baptized shall be saved.” (Jn 3:16)

All that Jesus did was to teach and show us how to go back to our original state of being one with God, our Father. He gave up His life in order to give it to us through the Holy Spirit to dwell in us.

The first level of human response to this invitation and calling is when one is anointed at the moment of Baptism and Confirmation to be a member of the Body of Christ as a leaven of the Lord.

At Baptism we died with Christ and rose to a new life in Him. So our life is no longer our own but is now the life of Christ.

“Do you not know that as many as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death? 4 Therefore we were buried with Him through baptism into death, that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. For if we have been united together in the likeness of His death, certainly we also shall be in the likeness of His resurrection,…" (Romans 6:3-5 ) 

Thus, like St. Paul we are able to say,

“Now it is no longer I that live but Christ that lives in Me.” (Gal 2:20); for…

“In Him we live, in Him we move and in Him we have our being.” (Acts 17:28)

Requirements to be an Associate Member

 Any baptized Christian, whether Catholic or not, who wants to join Lord’s Leaven Mission Society as an Associate Member is required to

– attend an orientation on the Divine Indwelling, the BEC Cenacle Family Grouping and the Lord’s Leaven Mission Society

– join a Family Cenacle Team, geographical or urban type

– attend a weekly Cenacle Prayer and Fellowship.

– attend a Walk through once a week on deepening lessons of the Pastoral Management Institute (PMI)

– organize the CRES Program for the youth and children of Family Cenacle Team



Understanding the Regular Member


What is a Regular Member

A Regular Member is one who is faithful, humble and obedient in living the Lord’s Leaven way of life according to the Constitution of the Lord’s Leaven Mission Society, especially in Part 1 on the Spirituality of the Mission and Part 2 on the Governance and Management of the Mission.

Canon Law on the Formation of Would-be Members of the Mission Society

Canon 231 # 1 “Lay people who are pledged to the special service of the Church, whether permanently or for a time, have a duty to acquire the appropriate formation which their role demands, so that they may conscientiously, earnestly and diligently fulfill this role.”

Canon 329 “Moderators of lay associations are to ensure that the members receive due formation, so that they may carry out the apostolate which is proper to the laity.”

Canon 306 “To enjoy the rights and privileges, indul-gences and other spiritual favors granted to an asso-ciation, it is necessary and sufficient that a person be validly received into the association in accordance with the provisions of the law and with the association’s own statutes, and be not lawfully dismissed from it.”

Canon 307 #1 “The admission of members is to take place in accordance with the law and with the statutes of each association.”

Team of Evaluators to qualify Regular Members into the Mission Society

In order to obey Canon #329, Canon #306 and Canon #307 #1 stated above, the Mission Society appoints a three-member Team of Evaluators whose task is to qualify individuals who want to join the Society as Mission Associates and to qualify Mission Associates who want to join the Society as Regular Members.

The Team of Evaluators is composed of the Parish Mission Guardian and two Mission Facilitators from among the Regular Members in the parish.

This Team of Evaluators takes charge of examining the academic and the practicum requirements of candidates in any Course or Lesson in the Stage of Mission in which they are applying in the PMI.

One qualified, these candidates are recommended by the Team to the Global Shepherd and the Spiritual Father according to the Stage of Mission in the Course and Lesson that they qualify.

Those who qualify are scheduled for Commissioning to the Stage of Mission as Aspirant, or Facilitator or Missionary on the specific Course and Lesson into which they qualify.

Requirements of a Regular Member

An individual who wants to qualify and become a Regular Member of the Lord’s Leaven Mission Society is required to follow the Stages of the Mission for one’s spiritual and temporal growth:

  1. one must first become a member of a Paschal Mystery BEC Family Cenacle Team in the parish where one belongs

  2. be an Associate Member of the Society before qualifying for being a Regular Member

  3. must be regular in attending a Cenacle Prayer Fellowship and a Formation Walk Through on the lessons of the Courses offered in the Pastoral Management Institute (PMI)

  4. submits the Written Meditation on Divine Indwelling and on the Law of the Tithe and Asset Build Up and the Constitution of the Lord’s Leaven Mission Society

  5. grows in the formation of being a Regular Member by going through the Stages of the Mission in the Courses and Lessons of the Pastoral Management Institute (PMI)

  6. must always communicate with one’s Facilitator, Mission Guardian, Diocesan and Global Shepherd

  7. be liturgically commissioned in the Stage of Mission, Course and Lesson one is qualified.


Stages of the Mission as Regular Members

Upon evaluation by the Team of Evaluators and after an examination by the Spiritual Father or the Global Shepherd of the character and qualification of the candidate such a candidate will be commissioned by the Spiritual Father as a Regular Member of the Mission.

As a Regular Member one continues on the formation process as a way of life for deepening one’s knowledge and commitment in the Stages of the Mission, namely:

  1. First Stage of the Mission: Mission Aspirant

  2. Second Stage of the Mission: Mission Facilitator

  3. Third Stage of the Mission: Commissioned Missionary


Canon 231 # 1 “Lay people who are pledged to the special service of the Church, whether permanently or for a time, have a duty to acquire the appropriate formation which their role demands, so that they may conscientiously, earnestly and diligently fulfill this role.”

Each Stage of the Mission has requirements for the formation of a member in obedience to the Canon Law of the Church so that a mission candidate may qualify to the higher stages of the canonical mission of the Lord’s Leaven Mission Society.

NOTE: No one is allowed to carry officially the name of Lord’s Leaven without the training required and a written updated mission faculty document that is given by the Bishop upon recommendation of the Spiritual Father and the Global Shepherd. The renewal of this Mission Faculty is done after every three years in a liturgical ceremony.

Participation in the Different Programs of the Mission along the Functions of Christ

A Regular Member participates in the programs of the mission along the Functions of Christ as Steward, Priest, Prophet and King by doing the following:

  1. Stewardship Function: to be acquainted with and be obedient to the Constitution of the Lord’s Leaven Mission Society and the Tithing Law of the Lord and the Asset Build Up Program

  2. Priestly Function: to be faithful to the regular weekly Family Cenacle

  3. Prophetic Function: to walk through at least once a week on the Lessons of the Spirituality and the Temporality Courses and programs of the Mission Society for the formation of the member

  4. Kingly Function: to discuss and apply the different programs and services that the Mission promotes for the good of its members and for the People of God through the PMI.

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