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Passion fruit Project

It is in the realization of this “unlimited capability” that God has given to everything in Nature that God wants to nurture and develop.

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Constant Divine Indwelling

A Lord’s Leaven Missionary lives only for God and lives always in constant awareness and adoration of the presence of the Triune God within the Sanctuary of the soul.

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The Key that Opens Heaven’s Treasures


–Sis. Praxedes (Babie) Embalzado

Col. 2:2-3 Christ-in-you “is the key that opens up all the treasures of God’s wisdom and knowledge.”

Jesus Christ is the great manifestation of God’s love for us, He gave us His only begotten son to save us, that whoever believes in Him will not perish. Yes, Jesus already saved us by dying for all of our sins physically. This happened 2020 years ago from now, and until now we didn’t see Him yet personally. But His Spiritual presence, His love and the salvation He has done for us are still felt by us until the end of time, through the Holy Spirit that God sent us as His mediator because CHRIST-IN-US, here inside of us, our HOPE AND GLORY. When we open our mind and we feel, see and taste the goodness and love of Christ to us here in our heart and surrender and connect our being to Him, we too can share the wisdom and knowledge that the Father gave to Him because we become united in Him already in Spirit and in Truth. Jesus Christ is the only key that we can manifest all the wonders of the world that God had made. This means that if we believe that Christ dwells in us and saves us already in the cross, we already share His Glory in His Kingdom in heaven even though we are still here on earth like what He said to Demas while hanging on the cross, “Amen, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise” Lk 23:43. This is the most beautiful word that a repentant sinner heard from His loving saviour Jesus Christ. He heard it directly from the son of God, while He is still alive. So it means that even how sinful we are, if we surrender all our sins to Him, surely we can be with Him in paradise.


PRAYER: Father God, here I am, your child wants to follow your will and be united with your son Jesus Christ here in my heart as I pursue my journey here on earth. Please grant me your saving grace Oh Lord, by offering to you all my sins that I have committed, willingly and unwillingly, in my thoughts, in my words and in my deeds. I surrender everything to you, all that I am and all that I have. Since you chose me to be in this mission of Lord’s Leaven, help me and use me to bring you personally to others by manifesting your love to them through me. I cannot do it alone, my dear Lord, without your loving grace. So, I beg you to bless me. I am not worthy enough like Demas because I am a sinner, but I just cling only to your promise to us, by redeeming us already in the cross. Living daily by carrying your example is my only strength and hope to move on in proclaiming your kingdom here on earth. Amen.

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